Outbreak Nutrition CBD Dark Roast Coffee 12oz

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We create supplements for survival – designed to help your body thrive in a demanding, post-apocalyptic world. Now we’ve put our minds into creating coffee, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

100% Pure, Water Soluble CBD enriched Coffee

Outbreak Chaos By Design Coffee features 8mg of 100% pure CBD per average strength cup.  

CBD has become hugely popular in recent years with a myriad of new research showing benefits to the mind and body across a range.

We wondered, What could make this even better? probably putting it into your morning cup of coffee, so we did.

What about the coffee?

The coffee itself is made of 100% Arabica beans, sourced from the finest coffee spots in the world like India and South America, which was no easy thing given the post-apocalyptic state of the New World. All the ingredients are blended right here in the USA for a perfect cup every time! The world may have gone to hell, but this Outbreak Coffee is so good that for a few moments you’ll forget that you’re on sentry duty tonight.

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