Neurogan Full Spectrum Pre-Roll 1gr

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NEUROGAN'S FULL-SPECTRUM CBD PRE-ROLLS 80-200MG come complete with our 100% full spectrum Danish hemp in its most natural form; with the leaves, stems, and flowers neatly rolled up for your convenience! Each classic pre-roll offers the quickest method of CBD delivery for a more natural alternative to vaping that is both nicotine and tobacco free. Created from natural hemp, the amount in each pre-roll will vary, but on average will contain 150mg of CBD per pre-roll. Enjoy when you need a break or some instant calm. Each pre-roll is made with the highest quality CBD that nature has to offer: third party lab tested, GMP certified, and hand-packed.
  • Supports mental & physical well-being
  • Supports joint mobility 
  • Supports a state of calm 
  • Supports a healthy sleep cycle
  • Supports normal inflammatory response



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