Level Minds CBD Honey 100mg Wild Flowers 2oz

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Local Honey
Tupelo (Light Amber) 
Tupelo honey is the nectar from the tupelo trees that grow in the swampy coastal waters from Savannah to northwest Florida. This honey comes from the Savannah area and it is heavily bodied, distinctively sweet with a mild hint of licorice at the end.
Wildflower (Medium Amber)
This wildflower honey is a mix of fruit tree, spring wildflowers and is capped with buckwheat nectar. The taste and aroma is complex sweetness of fruit flavors in the beginning and finishes with a mild earthiness (buckwheat) at the end.
Mountain Flora (Dark Amber) 
Mountain Flora honey is a collection of mountain flower nectar (poplar, sunflower, goldenrod, etc.). It has a strong aroma of wildflowers with a complex strong earthiness to begin and finishes with a mild sweetness.
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