Koi Peach Ice Tea Sleep-Aid Shot + Melatonin 25mg 2.5oz

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With 25 mg of quality Koi CBD, it’s the quickest way to restore balance.

Koi Wellness Hemp Shots offer the highest-quality hemp extract available, with each delivering 25 mg of CBD per 2.5-ounce bottle. For a handy supplement, try Watermelon or Raspberry Punch. Each is perfectly designed to bring balance to your day in the most convenient and refreshing way.

If you need support for occasional sleeplessness, our Peach Iced Tea flavor is what you’re looking for. It carries 25 mg of premium Koi CBD combined with melatonin to calm your mind and body.

Peach Iced Tea – Sleep Aid Hemp Shot
A soothing blend of 25 mg CBD and melatonin to provide support for occasional sleeplessness.


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