Bean and Bud Coffee 320mg CBD 8oz

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Allo’s Balance-based coffee bean blend is designed to straighten you out. This new “Rise” blend is designed to get you up and going in the morning. Think of it as a new way to rise and shine. This blend is made with superb African essential blend coffee beans, plus industrial-grade CBD derived from only the healthiest hemp plants. Take a sip (cream or no cream) and you’ll be gobsmacked by a medley of intense but welcoming flavors: heavenly dark chocolate, zesty raspberry, and pure caffeinated goodness (of course). This THC-free product is derived from quality CBD and also coffee beans that have been grown honestly by farmers around the world, which is only one of the reasons why Allo and Bean and Bud are committed to providing the absolute best for their loyal customers. Doctors recommend to not drink more than three cups a day.

100% Arabica coffee beans infused with 320mg of proprietary full spectrum hemp blend.


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